Uniform Property Management Pricing

NB: Pricing is tailored to a single unit property. Please inquire about our pricing program for multiple unit properties by submitting your information at the bottom of this page.

Placement Only Basic Plan Standard Plan Premium Plan
Price 8% of rent collected 10% of rent collected, or $100 minimum 12% of rent collected, or $150 minimum
Tenant Finder Fee One month's rent 50% of one month rent- tenant placement 25% of one month rent- tenant placement 25% of one month rent, or $300, whichever is greater
Lease Extension (renewal) 50% of rent if owner requests Flat $150 Flat $150 Flat $150
Rental Analysis
Listing and Marketing
Pet Screening
Lease Preparation Owner supplies lease, we complete for owner
Tenant Screening & Placement
Financial Reporting
Rent Collection
Lease Enforcement
Maintenance Coordination / Tracking 5% markup of Invoice 5% markup of Invoice
Move in Condition Report $150 Optional
Move out Condition Report
Serving Notices
Tenant Correspondence
Handling Security Deposits
Evictions $500+ $500+
Online Owner Portal
Semi-Annual Condition Reports Optional- $150 per condition report 1-condition report per 12-months
Professional Photography Optional - $150 Optional - $150 Optional - $150
45- Day Rental Guarantee
12-Month Tenant Guarantee
Performance Guarantee
Pet Guarantee
New property with an existing tenant $150 per unit $150 per unit
Setup Fee $300